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Sometimes we look for solutions that, unfortunately, are not always in plain sight. If you look at your keyboard, you will notice a little key to the left of the spacebar. 

It's the ALT key. This little key, when pressed, reveals an all new set of useful commands which were not apparent before. That's why we call ourselves ALT-TechServe: we specialize in technology solutions that are not always apparent.

Our services include:

  • Technical Writing
  • E-Learning
  • Web Services (Design, Development and Hosting)
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Integration and Management
  • Brand Development
  • Online Presence / Reputation Management
  • Technical Training
  • Content Creation. Editing, and Management
  • ...and more.

Whatever your technical needs may be, we will meet them with our specialized offerings and uncommon dedication to your satisfaction. Give us a chance to impress you—click the red starburst to claim your free website analysis today!

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So your website is up, and looks great too!
So why are you NOT HAPPY?
Here are the main reasons our customers contact us:


  • NO INQUIRIES from your website
  • NOT VISIBLE on all the major search engines
  • SALES LEADS of your services/products are not coming from the website
  • LOADING TIME is way too long (and your potential customers move on)


If you identify your website with any of the above items, you owe it to yourself to understand why!
Don't delay, click the red starburst and let us send you a complimentary/comprehansive analysis of your website.

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